Individual Release session


Please note: The release session is a personal method I created. It was, in part, suggested to me by my spirit guides and my celestial family and I then adapted it to your individual needs. It is therefore a custom-made measure. Every session can differ depending on your needs. Likewise, I was born a catalyst and I am able to turn darkness into light.

I offer you an individualised session of Liberations on the themes, the particular subjects that you want to treat (the past, the harmful links, the former lives, the transgenerational links, the passage of the souls of the deceased towards the light, etc.). The session can be done at a distance via Skype (energie.cornaline) or Instagram (energie.cornaline) or other.

One session is a first step. Often, several sessions are needed to deal with the different facets of your life. Also, the unblocking sessions take the longest to process. It is recommended that you do a series of 3 sessions to start with.

Possible cases of situations to be dealt with:
- Release of emotions from the past
- Release of emotions from your inner child (wounds, anger, grudges, traumas, imbalances, ...);
-Release of current harmful links (people, situations);
- Liberation sessions from past lives on an emotional, love, professional and health level (similar to a spiritual regression); - Cleansing of energy bodies (chakra rebalancing);
- Contact with the deceased;
- Liberation from transgenerational links (ancestors); from toxic relationships (close family, partners...)
- Liberation from black magic, spells, possessions, deprogramming of implants... ;
- Cleansing/purification of your energies, of your home and advice

N.B.: 1 to 2 cases maximum per session depending on the length of the session; each of the above headings may require a full session, in order to address the problem in depth. Also, as far as the sessions on unblocking harmful links and past lives are concerned, I will treat them in order of priority - in agreement with you.

Optional: during the session, if you wish, have a bottle of water or a large cup of tea/tea and tissues available. It is important to hydrate yourself well during the session and even after the session in order to eliminate old energies/toxins. Of course, you can take notes of the advice I will give you. The effects of the session will be seen over the following days and often during the session.

N.B.: The session must be short but the effects can be felt during the session and especially a few days after the session because the healing acts over a period of time. It is important to know that a large quantity of energy is sent to you on the day of the treatment and that it will take days to diffuse completely in all your energy bodies. The following days you may feel tired, angry or depressed. It is therefore important to drink plenty of water and eat raw fruits and vegetables for a few days, as well as walking barefoot on the grass or taking a short walk in the forest.

120 € la séance

Durée moyenne : 1 heure

I reserve the right to refuse a session if it is in disagreement with the ethics of this ri-tual. Thank you for your understanding.

Preference for bank transfer.
BSB: 032-099
Account Number: 730586

N.B.: Receipt of the payment will be considered as confirmation of the reservation.

Information requested, after payment, by e-mail: your name (optional), first name, date of birth and astrological sign as well as the topic you want to treat.